We are an Independent Disability Consultancy providing Disability Awareness Workshops, Talks and Advice services across the UK.
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Nath Fernandes - Director of VEUcan - Disability Consultancy
VEUcan was founded in 2011 by its director, Nath Fernandes who has severe Cerebral Palsy, with the vision of promoting awareness of disability to educational institutions including primary and secondary schools as part of the PHSE and Citizenship curriculum, with the ultimate aim of raising its importance to the same level as anti-bullying or drugs education. Nath is also a guest speaker at universities and corporate events sharing his moving life story defying all doctors expectations and conquering one obstacle at a time in order to achieve his ambitions.

Nath’s nationwide Disability Consultancy also works alongside many organisations and care agencies to provide a wealth of specialist advice whether it be to improve customer service or facilities.

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“Nath and his PA came to visit us at our synagogue to help my bid to raise awareness about the importance of including all members of our community in all our activities. His talk was really inspiring and thought-provoking and I’ve had many positive comments made to me about it. Nath’s charm and enthusiasm were remarked upon, and even the very young members who attended said they enjoyed it and were glad they came. There are some entrenched disablist attitudes in society, but hopefully people like Nath will keep working to change that bit by bit. Well done and many thanks Nath!”

Claire – Bristol and West Progressive Jewish Congregation

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