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Disability Lectures…

We have formed ties with a number of universities throughout the UK including Birmingham and Exeter to bring topics to life using Nath’s personal experiences ranging from the social services system to Occupational Therapy. Below are just some examples of how his personal experiences can help broaden knowledge.

Social Work – Throughout Nath’s life, he has had many dealings with social workers and the system hence brings a wealth of experience both positive and negative to share with Social Work students. In particular, he discusses the struggles that social workers may face when attempting to satisfy the clients wishes whilst being constrained by the system.

Images of Disability – Nath has worked with many professionals ranging from Teaching Assistants to Physiotherapists and it is this experience that he shares with students, in particular, how the ‘person-centred’ approach is applied in reality and not necessarily focused around the individual.

Areas Covered…

We travel the length and breadth of the UK delivering our services, however, we do ask that travel and accommodation expenses are covered.


On a tight budget? All our services can be delivered via Zoom for a lower cost, please feel free to contact us for more information.
I have found Nath’s mentoring sessions to be very helpful In making me feel more confident about going to university. They helped me to know what the first few weeks will be like at uni, how accessible the uni is and assisted me in sourcing the personal care I need from agencies etc. Overall after these I feel more confident about starting university and no longer feel that I know nothing about it.
Anonymous – Mentoring sessions focused around going to University for the first time and leaving home

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