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We provide a range of talks which are led by Nath (a qualified Life Coach) to both non-disabled and disabled people concerning different aspects of life. Nath tailors all of his talks to an organisations requirements whether it be how to approach disabled people or how to maximise accessibility. Below are some examples of what Nath can discuss:

Independent Living (Aimed at people with physical disabilities) – this is a relatively new area for Nath and as such he will discuss the transition between living at home and moving out to live independently (maybe with a carer as in his case). During this time, he will talk about the problems that may arise but also how, living independently, allows you to be in control with no restrictions.

Personal Relationships – All throughout Nath’s life, he has been trying to bridge the gap between non-disabled people communicating with disabled people (who, like Nath, may have speech problems) and as such this will be the focus of this talk. It will aim to view both sides of the story; if you are disabled with speech problems, how would you go about interacting with other people? On the other side, how would a person start to interact with disabled people? This talk will aim to provide valuable tips to try and bridge the gap.

Moving to University (Aimed at people with physical disabilities) – this talk addresses the numerous obstacles that need to be considered when moving to university ranging from finding the right carer to setting in as easily as possible. Also, Nath will discuss the issues that he faced when he started university and how these were overcome to make it the best time of his life!

Study Support – this talk is aimed at support workers and will discuss various techniques that will enable them to maximise the assistance which they can provide. This can range from note taking to the dictation of essays.

Our Costs…

Talks start at just £120 but varies dependent on the number of participants. To discuss your requirements and receive a tailor-made quote, please contact us.

Areas Covered…

We travel the length and breadth of the UK delivering our services, however, we do ask that travel and accommodation expenses are covered.



Airbnb Access

On a tight budget? All our services can be delivered via Zoom for a lower cost, please feel free to contact us for more information.
Nath came to visit us at our synagogue to help my bid to raise awareness about the importance of including all members of our community in all our activities. His talk was really inspiring and thought-provoking and I've had many positive comments made to me about it. Nath's charm and enthusiasm were remarked upon, and even the very young members who attended said they enjoyed it and were glad they came. There are some entrenched disablist attitudes in society, but hopefully people like Nath will keep working to change that bit by bit. Well done and many thanks Nath!
Claire - Bristol and West Progressive Jewish Congregation

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