Our story, journey and vision.

Our Vision…

At VEUcan, our vision is based upon our core belief which is that ‘anything’s possible with a thought’. With this in mind, we work towards two main principles; to raise awareness of disability to educational institutions and the like and to promote independence within disabled individuals in order for them to achieve their ambitions.

Raising Awareness…

We believe that the inequality within society comes down to one simple thing, education! It has amazed us over the years how just one hour of education and interaction can change a persons perception of disability just like that. Nath sees the inequality on a daily basis whether it being smiled at when trying to ask for assistance or having abuse shouted at him. We believe that these happenings are not purposeful, rather society having insufficient education on how to deal with such situations. Most of the time, this forms the basis of our work with the vision of altering the opinions of society to include disabled individuals and equip people with the skills to do so.

Promoting Independence…

It’s our belief that, despite having a disability, anything is possible with a little thought! Throughout Nath’s life, he has put has disability aside and focused upon his own capabilities which he has accommodated his daily living. Most of the time, it is through Nath’s own improvisations that has enabled him to lead an independent life whether it be tieing a Bluetooth car speaker to his wheelchair (so that he can contact his PAs when necessary) or clamping a tripod to enable him to enjoy his passion for photography. It’s this mindset that we portray through our mentoring and consultancy work to enable individuals to realise their ambitions putting their disability to one side.

Nath came to visit us at our synagogue to help my bid to raise awareness about the importance of including all members of our community in all our activities. His talk was really inspiring and thought-provoking and I've had many positive comments made to me about it. Nath's charm and enthusiasm were remarked upon, and even the very young members who attended said they enjoyed it and were glad they came. There are some entrenched disablist attitudes in society, but hopefully people like Nath will keep working to change that bit by bit. Well done and many thanks Nath!
Claire - Bristol and West Progressive Jewish Congregation

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