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Stephen Farnfield - Chartered Financial Planner and Expert Witness at Frenkel Topping
Stephen Farnfield – Chartered Financial Planner and Expert Witness at Frenkel Topping

About Stephen…

Stephen is a specialist Chartered Financial Planner and Expert Witness at Frenkel Topping, providing financial advice and guidance throughout the litigation process and thereafter. He assists injured parties and their legal teams to ensure they receive the appropriate level and structure of award.

Stephen joined Frenkel Topping in October 2014, to work with the most knowledgeable and well-respected firm within this specialist financial advice market place.

Stephens work is split evenly between providing Expert Witness services during litigation and Financial Advice post settlement. With Expert Witness he focuses on Pension Loss, Loss of Earnings, Accommodation Funding and Form of Awards (PPO v Lump Sum). He, also, travel the country providing training for Personal Injury and Clinical Negligence teams. With regard to post Settlement his focus is on minimising risk, for claimants, whilst ensuring their awards are working hard and are structured in such a way that they best support their objectives. It is a pleasure for Stephen to assist claimants both pre and post settlement, building a strong relationship for many years ahead.

Stephen have first-hand experience of family life and how it is affected as a result of clinical negligence. His younger brother was born with Cerebral Palsy because of his mis-managed birth, growing up with a disabled brother was at times challenging but also very rewarding.

Stephen has empathy and a real understanding of the pressures and frustrations for families facing these issues. His brother is an adult now and as a family we are still fighting the system to ensure he receives the right entitlements.

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Nath came to visit us at our synagogue to help my bid to raise awareness about the importance of including all members of our community in all our activities. His talk was really inspiring and thought-provoking and I've had many positive comments made to me about it. Nath's charm and enthusiasm were remarked upon, and even the very young members who attended said they enjoyed it and were glad they came. There are some entrenched disablist attitudes in society, but hopefully people like Nath will keep working to change that bit by bit. Well done and many thanks Nath!
Claire - Bristol and West Progressive Jewish Congregation

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