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Sheri Taylor - Registered Dietitian and Director of Specialist Nutrition Rehab
Sheri Taylor – Registered Dietitian and Director of Specialist Nutrition Rehab

About Sheri…

Sheri is a registered dietitian and has over 23 years of experience improving the nutritional health of people in a community setting (in both the United Kingdom and Canada). As the director of Specialist Nutrition Rehab, Sheri specialises in the nutritional needs of people after a catastrophic injury, including traumatic brain injuries/cerebral palsy, spinal cord injuries and orthopaedic injuries. She regularly works with clients who are trying to lose weight, gain weight, resolve gut or bowel related symptoms, as well as those people experiencing dysphagia and/or taste and smell loss. She also produces a free monthly newsletter for case managers, solicitors and allied health professionals highlighting current research, practical tips and frequently asked questions relating to nutrition after a catastrophic injury.

Sheri has been described by conference delegates as a:“Very engaging, passionate & knowledgeable speaker” who leaves her audiences feeling “inspired and very motivated.”

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We asked Nath to come in and talk to our Year 9 students as part of our PSHE programme looking at discrimination and prejudice. I wasn't sure how the students would react but they were really gripped by his presentation. Many of them were struck by the things they had in common - such as a liking of the Xbox - but also inspired by how much Nath has achieved despite the extra obstacles he has had to overcome.
I will definitely be inviting Nath back next year.
Sally - Chipping Sodbury School

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